À propos de 4flow

Vision et valeurs

Chez 4flow, notre vision et nos valeurs façonnent la manière dont nous traitons nos clients, nos partenaires, nos prestataires de services, ainsi que la manière dont nous travaillons ensemble.

Depuis notre création en 2000, notre croissance a été interrompue – l’essence même de notre entreprise réside, et ce, dès ses débuts, dans notre dévouement et notre culture d’entreprise caractéristique.

La vision de 4flow

4flow is the trusted global leader in end-to-end supply chain optimization.
Our dedication drives us to make a positive, sustainable impact for our customers, the environment and society.

Les valeurs de 4flow

Customer centricity
Our products and services make a valuable impact. We strive to go beyond expectations, ensuring customer satisfaction. We evaluate our performance from our customers’ perspective.

We are dedicated to achieving the best results. Each 4flow team member shows commitment and takes responsibility for their actions. Excellence is measured by results. By learning and collaborating, we excel as individuals, as teams and as an organization.

Respect, tolerance and appreciation shape our conduct and mindset. A culture of trust, diversity and individuality makes us successful.

We think, act and make decisions with the future in mind. Everyone at 4flow looks at the big picture. We stay true to our values as we grow.